Mary St. Hilaire

Teachers - Elementary - Music

532-4698 (St. C) and 539-7434 (St. P)
200 (St. C) and 130 (St. P)

Hello!  My name is Mrs. St. Hilaire and I am the Music Specialist at St. Clement and St. Patrick Catholic Schools.  I have been teaching for about 23 years, and I have taught Music for about 17 years.  I teach Music from Kindergarten to grade 6 in two schools:  K-6 at St. Pat's and grades 1-6 at St. Clement.  I teach at St. Clement on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and St. Pat's onMondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  In Music there are six skills that are covered:  Singing, Moving, Playing Instruments, Reading and Writing, Listening and Creating.  I try to offfer and engaging and diverse program which will reach all students.  I am a very frim believer in the power of music to transform lives and increase student academic performance.