Lisa McLaughlin


Education: Camrose Lutheran College (1.5 years); Grande Prairie Regional College (1 year);University of Alberta (2 years)

Schools I've taught at: Bear Creek School (GP Young Offender's Centre); St. Thomas Moore- Fairview (2 years); St. Clement School- GP (16 years)

Born: Balve, Germany (my Dad was in the army)

Family: For a long time, I was the single Mom of 3 boys, but this past year (March 2013), I got married and 'inherited' 3 more young men! My husband is Brent, and our sons range in age from 15-27. 

Likes: Travelling; Scrapbooking; READING!!! I love my morning prayer helps me to walk through what ever kind of day that I have, with joy...